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Unable to log into deployed OpenShift master VM

Unable to log into deployed OpenShift master VM

Deploying OKD (formerly OpenShift Origin) is relatively simple. You just follow the instructions in the git repo Right? Wrong, I spent far too long on a stupid error, it wasn’t even a technical problem, I just didn’t read it properly.

The template deployed ok and all of the VMs and infrastructure looked healthy, but I couldn’t log into any of the VMs via SSH. It just made no sense

I followed almost all of the prerequisite steps, created a resource group, a Key vault, a service principal and stored all of the required data in the Key vault. However I made one fatal mistake. I copied and pasted the private SSH key from my Azure Cloud Shell (Linux container) into my Key vault secret (on a windows machine)can you see where I went wrong? 🙂

What I should have done was run the below command to export the private key into the Key vault directly.

az keyvault secret set --vault-name KeyVaultName -n SecretName --file ~/.ssh/id_rsa'

Once I did this and then redeployed the template, I could log into my machines with no issues.