Use GIT on Windows behind a proxy server

Use GIT on Windows behind a proxy server

Recently I have been working more with Azure DevOps (formally VSTS). I could work with the repository I created fine when I was off the corporate network, however whenever I connected to work it would fail. We use a proxy server for filtering and caching and GIT appeared to be ignoring the settings I have for it (e.g. in my IE/Edge settings).

I looked at some forums posts regarding this issue, which covered Linux as well, and they talked about hard coding your username and password IN PLAIN TEXT in the git config file. I’m sorry, but that’s just pony.

So i thought about it and wondered if i setup a system wide proxy, would that work? luckily it did 🙂 If you run the below two commands and then restart whatever app your using to run git, it will work

setx http_proxy http://<your proxy server>:<proxy port>

setx https_proxy http://<your proxy server>:<proxy port>