Test lab setup

Post TechNet test lab: Part 1

Post TechNet test lab: Part 1

As most of you will be aware TechNet is being discontinued. Dates differ based on your subscription (Mine is 1/24/2014 ), however the fact it sucks does not. After a month of so of moaning, I decided to recreate my test lab using the time limited VHDs from Microsoft’s evaluation site.

I had already rebuilt my 2 hosts and created a collection of scripts to configure my various servers from base machines (install roles, setup AD, etc.) but I still had to provision the VMs. A genius shellyourexperince article by Laerte Junior has really inspired me to automate as much of my lab creation as possible. So watch this space for how I’m doing this and how I fixed by balls ups 🙂

Post 1: Post TechNet test lab

Post 2: Hyper-V Host Configuration

Post 3 Creating the VM templates

Post 4 PS Script to deploy VMs

Post 5 Configure deployed VMs General

Post 6 PS Script to install and configure AD

Post 7 Antivirus

Post 8 SSDs, ISCSI and a new layout