Test lab setup

Post TechNet test lab: Part 7 (Antivirus)

Post TechNet test lab: Part 7 (Antivirus)

System Centre End Point Protection

Antivirus is a costly, but important aspect of any infrastructure, sadly I don’t have the sort of money that it would cost to buy antivirus and Free AV I’ve used in the past has been pap. However, I read an MS forum post recently that mentioned that the System Centre End Point protection client, will work just like MS Security essentials if you install It manually. So, I installed the client from the SCCM media “..SC2012_R2_SCCM_SCEP\SMSSETUP\CLIENT\scepinstall.exe” and it seems to work ok. There’s no central management ability but im only likely to have this install on 3 machines (Infrastructure DC and 2 hosts). So it’s not a problem.

The client can also be controlled via the command line. I wrote the below PS to update the virus defs.

set-location "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client"
.\MPCMDRUN.exe -SignatureUpdate -MMPC

using the MPMCMDRUN.exe you can achieve most things. I’ll update this post with anything else of note I find over the next few months

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